The CocoNuts have changed the lives of many students. We call them AlumNuts. Many of graduates continue on with the FIRST program by mentoring and volunteering.


Class of 2009

Larry Marek
Larry went to NAU and majored in Physics Education with the hope of becoming a high school physics teacher. He is mentoring a local FLL team.

Class of 2010

Maddie Burris
I’m in Nashua, New Hampshire, working for BAE Systems. I went to Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Along with getting a masters of science in robotics engineering at WPI, I am in the process of getting an aerospace and mechanical degree from University of Southern California. I am working for BAE Systems in their Engineering Leadership Development Program.  I got a hold of the FIRST Coordinator position at BAE Systems which is a paid position to assist in the management of the partnership between BAE Systems and FIRST.  Additionally, I hold the Systems Engineering Leadership Development Program.

Class of 2011

Robert “RJ” Garduno
RJ is currently studying computer science with future plans of pursuing mechanical engineering at NAU. RJ is a mentor for the build team.

Tomas Zukowski
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Matt Stevens
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Sam Martin
To me, family is the most important thing. I have served as a missionary for the LDS church for 2 years. I am now taking art and graphic design classes at Eastern Arizona College, and I have scholarships for student leadership as well as a scholarship for music. I’m a general art major and I was a graphic design major. I’m aspiring to become a computer animator. I’m also a professional photographer and take sports action shots for my college at all of our home games. I’m an artist, photographer, graphic designer, and videographer.

Jacob Dalder
I’m at Stanford University pursuing a BS in Symbolic Systems with a minor in Human Biology. Symbolic Systems is an interdisciplinary major blending computer science, psychology, and philosophy to focus on human-computer interaction. I’d like to devote my career to helping people use technology and social media as tools to lead healthier, happier, and more compassionate lives.


Class of 2013

Catelyn Cosper
I am currently enrolled in the masters program at NAU. Graduated from GCU with a major in biomedical science and minor in Spanish. Currently working with surgical engineers on developing a program and equipment that allows paralyzed persons to use their bodies again. After receiving my masters degree in 2018, I plan to attend Johns Hopkins University, where I will complete my medical school training and proceed to my residency in surgical medicine. Looking for a future as a surgical engineer.

Meghann Boland
I have changed my major from Mechanical Engineering to Art Education with a teaching emphasis. Part of my inspiration to change was seeing how much Spaz (Ms. Sapio) and Mr. T (Thompson) enjoyed teaching. I am still at the University of Arizona. I actually taught at Camp Eureka for 6 weeks, and I taught Lego Robotics and Animation. I plan to get my degree and hopefully return to Flagstaff to teach.

Filly Rodriguez
I am currently deciding between ABE (Agriculture and Biosystems Engineering) or Chemical Engineering. Either way I plan on helping with the water crisis our world is facing. I am also studying for an Education and Spanish minor to eventually become a teacher and help minority students realize their dreams while I can teach them from real world experience. I am planning on doing the 4 year undergraduate program and 1 year masters program for Engineering at the University of Arizona and getting my masters in Education through the one year program that also certifies me to teach abroad. He mentored for 3 weeks at Camp Eureka in Puerto Rico.

Kidron Gage
He is currently on his mission in Utah.

Zach Fisher
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Destiny Simpson
I am currently attending at Northern Arizona University. I am double majoring in Microbiology and Chemistry.

Class of 2014

Kinney Anderson
I’m currently attending the University of Arizona and majoring in Biomedical Engineering with a Minor in Creative Writing. She mentors the Chairman’s team as well as FRC Teams 1011 & 4183.

Shelby Anderson
I am currently studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Arizona. She is mentoring FRC 1011

Mallanie Benson
I am studying gaming design at the Arizona State University. She volunteers at many FTC events.

Eric Evans 
I’m studying at the University of Arizona (class of 2018), pursuing a Bachelors of Science degree in Computer Science. I have two minors: Information Science (ISTA) and Mathematics. I am in the Honors College, have made the Dean’s List, and earned the Mid-Career Honors Award. I work at the UA’s THINK TANK, as a Calculus and Computer Science/ Software Engineering tutor (C, Java, Python). My technical interests include graphics, algorithms, efficiency, and data structures.

Aj Novelli
I am currently studying Mechanical and Optical Engineering at the University of Arizona’s Honors College.

Dakota Sallaway
I am studying at Northern Arizona University working towards a degree in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Mathematics. I am also debating to take on a minor in Civil Engineering or Environmental Engineering. I hope to finish my undergraduate degree by the year 2019 after adding one of the two minors. Since graduating highschool I have had the opportunity to study abroad for a semester in Italy during my sophomore year. While studying abroad I traveled to several cities in Macedonia, Italy, Greece, England, Spain, and Ireland. I have joined the Go Baby Go! club at NAU which provides a movement device to infants that have various muscle or bone structural problems such as muscular dystrophy.

Kaelan Strones
I am currently studying software engineering focusing on embedded systems and electrical engineering for microcontrollers at the Arizona State University Polytechnic campus. I work with a small group of engineers at Planet Rider manufacturing parts and building/maintaining high performance computers. I also work on campus in a lab where we manufacture circuit boards for students.

Spencer McMahon
I am currently studying Mechanical Engineering at Northern Arizona University. He is also coaching Coconino’s soccer team.

Class of 2015

Chris Gomez
Chris wants to pursue a computer science degree.

Kevin Lough
I am currently enrolled for a dual major in Computer Science and Mathematics at Arizona State University. My focus is in theoretical computation.

Class of 2016

Cameron Emry
Cameron roles in safety and build. He had achieved the rank of Eagle Scout and is a junior scout leader. Cameron mentors the rookie FLL team at the Montessori School. He loves coming up with creative ways to solve problems and learning about the mechanics. Cameron wants to study electrical and mechanical engineering at MIT or Cal-Tech.

Candace Manygoats
I am currently in Flagstaff. My current goals are to graduate at Northern Arizona University with a Bachelors degree in Visual Communications (Graphic Design). I am still involved in FIRST by volunteering as a FIRST AmeriCorps VISTA for Arizona.

Drew Stringer
I am currently studying at Northern Arizona University on a full ride scholarship for my degree in Mechanical Engineering. I am still mentoring the CocoNuts during their build season when my schedule allows it. Once I graduate college I would like to work for a company that works with robotics. I do not have an idea for which company, but I do know I would love to work with robots.

Keaton Scherpereel
I am currently studying at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. I am pursuing a mechanical engineering major with a possible minor in music. I’m focusing on robotics and plan to get a job in that industry. I received a National Merit Scholarship to attend Vanderbilt. I would like to study abroad, though I’m not sure where yet.