“They are an inspiration in our school, community, and our state. The CocoNuts Robotics team works to enhance STEM education, cultural literacy, civic engagement, kindness and compassion not only for students in FUSD, but for all students across the colorado plateau and beyond.”

 – Stacie Zanzucchi, Principle of CHS


Every year the CocoNuts build a float for the Homecoming parade, which helps boost morale at CHS, as well as recruitment for the team. We also participate in Coconino’s Club Fair where we demo our robots to incoming freshmen. We also use our robots in pep rallies in our games against our neighbor school, Flagstaff High School. This year our 2012 Rebound Rumble bot, Calista, played against our varsity team in preparation for their big game. Thank You Coconino High School for being our most gracious host through all the nutty fun events and tournaments. Our team encouraged CHS’s engineering teacher to start a vex robotics club centered around the ideas of S.T.E.A.M. education. We attend many outreach events together share some of the same students.

Coconino High School is well-known for its STEM-magnet program, Coconino Institute of Technology (CIT). This program was started by our coach, Dave Thompson and has successfully ran for many years servicing numerous students. This program combines science course with engineering concepts through fun and interactive projects. Many of our members come from  the CIT program, in return we collaborate on tool safety guides for engineering classes.

“Whether they know it or not, the CocoNuts have been active partners in reversing our enrollment decrease for the past three years, and now our district is annually being recognized for numerous academic and access awards.”

– Barbra Hickman, Superintendent of FUSD

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We give regular presentations in front of our school district’s board of directors about travel, sustainability and to keep them up-to-date on our work throughout the region with FIRST. The district is very supportive of our efforts and are present at many of our outreach events.

We have started and supported FLL and FTC teams throughout our district as well as worked within the district to promote STEM education.

“During the 24 years that I have been an educator with Flagstaff Unified School District this particular group has been a stellar example of the impact students can have on their community, near and far. The CocoNuts exemplify the best of STEM education through their dedication to passing along their passion for robotics, teamwork and gracious professionalism. Their energy and spirit are infectious and inspiring. The lives of countless students have been and continue to be enhanced by the work they are committed to. Go Nuts!”

– Mary Knight, Director of Technology for FUSD

“Beyond STEM education, the CocoNuts Team have also shared many valuable skills with those they come in contact with such as professionalism, teamwork, acceptance, and perseverance. A successful team must present more than the intellectual understanding and through the many school board presentations as well as competitions, the CocoNuts Team 2486 has demonstrated this belief through every single member.”

– Mary K. Walton, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction