A freshman in robotics who is eager to learn the ways of java and web development. his favorite thing to do is to learn new things and create stuff. out side of school he likes to play games with friends. after high school he plans to go to collage but doesn’t know where he will go.



I’m in 9th grade and I like to cook, read books and build robots.



I am very partial to all things space and am a big Star Trek/Wars fan and this year is destination deep space! I also like trains a robots. I enjoy programming even though I can’t program YET. I’m learning. When I graduate high school I will be an Aerospace Engineer in space or on the ground.



I’m a programmer and I have helped program the PID configuration for our now inactive automode. I have helped program our TeleOp code and the pathweaver. I’m also working on programming the Scouting App fro this year.  My personal interests include biking, running, playing clarinet, and playing video games.


Co-Safety Captain, Builder, Chairman's team,

My main rolls on the team are to build and write Chairman’s, I love to create new things and work with my hands. When I am not in robotics I love to go on river trips and hikes with my friends. After I graduate high school I will study Civil Engeneering & Architecter Yes we might be called nerds but I am a proud nerd.


Programmer, Audio/Visual

I have programmed our limelight camera and vision targeting (the bright green light that lines up the robot with the game objectives) and i am often the person behind live streams on the Coconut’s YouTube channel.



I enjoy the building aspect of robotics. I also really enjoy the competitions because I get to see the other teams and compete against them.  Out side of school and robotics, RC Racing is a hobby that I am very passionate about. When I graduate I want to study mechanical engineering.



Being a member of the Coconuts has allowed me to experience First events all across Arizona and New Mexico as a member of the FIRST Robotics Competition team 2486 and to volunteer for FIRST Tech Challenge and FIRST Robotics Competition. Currently in my Engineering class, I am currently building a low cost, open source prosthetic arm for those o low social-economic status. When I have a moment to myself I, i enjoy repairing and modding retro game consoles, collecting vinyl records and cassette as well as rebuilding cassette players, as finally I also am writing a book series, a stand alone book, and improving my art skills. I plan on attending Carnegie Mellon University for a major in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in both electrical engineering and computer sciences.


Builder, Programmer, Nontechnical

 My Learning many practical things that will later aid me in life I like dirt biking with my friends and family. After high school i want to go to college for a computer science degree, and then go on to work at MSI until I can get a job at Google



One of my favorite of being on Coconuts I have gone to FIRST events and volunteered at FTC i volunteered as a field re-setter, queuer and setup at FLL I volunteered as a field reseter. In my free time I am in two other clubs play video games and do homework. After high school I plan to go to college.