A hero’s foundation is reinforced by their allies. From parades to City Hall, we’re constantly interacting with our community. Numerous long-term and in-kind sponsors assist us throughout our season, from raw materials to food fit for superheroes!

Due to persistent outreach, mentoring and STEM education efforts, ⅓ of our funding comes from individuals via the AZ Tax Credit program. CHS provides space for FIRST tournaments, hosting over 45 teams in a single weekend at our High Altitude Robotics Extravaganza! We advocated for computer science & digital design courses at our high school, a dream that became reality. We utilize industry-standard machines in our Makerspace lab to draft and manufacture our robot. W.L. Gore helps us with specialized tooling.


NAU donates venues for FTC Championship and AZ North FRC Regional. Their generosity lends strength, credibility and excellence to events we run. NAU is collaborating with the Nuts to build a state-of-the art community STEM center that will also support a community FRC team. FUSD provides our build space, competition venues and transportation all over AZ-NM. We brought the hard work of STEM coaches to our school board’s attention. Now, they are working to include coaches at all levels in their new stipend scale.


Partnerships are a two-way street. We thank our sponsors by sending them personal letters and pictures at the end of the season, displaying their logos on all media and hosting a dinner to give them a glimpse of their impact.


“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” – JFK